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The role of vertical bucky

The vertical bucky is mainly used in conjunction with various X-ray machines to perform X-ray photography of the human head, chest, abdomen, joints and other parts. The vertical bucky is an auxiliary device that can move up and down.
Vertical bucky has become a very important part of radiology examinations in hospitals. The main reason is that the vertical bucky is a kind of medical X-ray photography equipment, which is simple and convenient to operate with the medical X-ray machine. It can be used for multi-site X-ray inspection of human head, chest, abdomen, joints, limbs and other parts, with fewer restrictions.
Vertical bucky is easy to use and plays an important role in the radiology department (room) of various medical departments.
The main technical parameters of vertical bucky:
1. The maximum stroke of the diaphragm is 1100mm;
2. The width of the card slot is suitable for cards with a thickness less than 28mm
3. Film box size: 5″×7″-17″×17″;
4. Wire grid (optional):
1. Grid density: 40 lines/cm;
2. Door ratio: 10:1;
3. Convergence distance: 180cm.
The vertical bucky can also be equipped with a mobile base to become a mobile vertical bucky.

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