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Newheek’s Bucky Stand maintenance.

Guide you to choose a suitable medical x ray bucky stand

The Bucky Stand is a camera auxiliary device that can be used together with a medical X-ray machine and can be moved up and down. It can be used with various X-ray machines to carry out X of the human body parts such as the chest, connector, abdomen and pelvis. Radio film inspection.

Many customers have been damaged by using the Bucky Stand in less than two years, and there are no damages caused by customers for 3-5 years. Because the maintenance is better, here are some suggestions for Newheek to use the Bucky Stand.

  1. The wire rope of the heavy hammer is recommended to be replaced every two years.
  2. The contact gap adjustment between each moving part and the track bearing assembly is performed once a year.
  3. After the Bucky Stand fails, it should be repaired by a professional.

What is the principle of a bucky stand x ray machine for taking pictures

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