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Option of bucky stand

During the epidemic, the number of domestic and foreign customers purchasing chest radiograph racks increased. The bucky stand cooperates with the X-ray machine to perform upright radiographic examination of the human head, chest, limbs, lumbar spine and other parts. During the epidemic, the bucky stand is indispensable to check the lungs for infection.
Newheek provides wall-mounted, DR-specific, side-ejection, and cart-style bucky stand. How to choose among the many styles? This should start from the needs of customers
The wall-mounted bucky stand can be fixed on the wall. The advantage is that it does not take up floor space and is affordable. It is suitable for a fixed X-ray machine and does not need to change the focal length; it can also be equipped with a mobile base to become a mobile bucky stand.
The DR dedicated and side-out piece bucky stand can be fixed on the ground, or can be equipped with a mobile base to become a mobile bucky stand, which is convenient to move and easy to operate. It is the most commonly used style in hospitals.
The trolley is a bucky stand with an adjustable arm and a rotatable film box. It has complete functions and is made of aluminum alloy.
After reading the above introduction, have you selected a suitable bucky stand? If you are more interested in our bucky stand, please call for consultation.

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