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Portable cassette holder for chest x-rays

The portable cassette holder is a portable X-ray film cassette holder for supporting a bedridden patient in a desired position relative to the chest X-ray box. Newheek provides a collapsible frame that angles the box to the bed such that the longest portion of the box against the patient in the frame and the box are in parallel planes and are substantially perpendicular to the X-ray beam.
Structure: The device consists of a bucky tray set, a pair of track and a balance device.

Applicable to different sizes of normal x ray cassettes, CR cassette and DR flat panel detector.
1. Overall height 1500mm (accept customized height max. 1800mm)
2. Width: 455mm;
3. Minimum travel: 1000mm;
4. Max bucky size: free size;
5. Install: mounted on the wall (suggest 500mm above floor)

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