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Precautions for bucky stand maintenance

Precautions for bucky stand maintenance
 Precautions for bucky stand maintenance
Let’s take a look at what should be paid attention to during the maintenance of the bucky stand

1. bucky stand maintenance

(1) Maintenance personnel must abide by the relevant regulations of equipment maintenance. Maintenance personnel without our authorization shall not repair the equipment without authorization;

(2) After equipment maintenance, all safety related devices must be checked before use;

(3) Common troubleshooting methods;

(4) The guide rail, bearing and other transmission parts shall be inspected regularly, and the appropriate amount of oil or grease shall be added.

2. bucky stand maintenance

Attention should be paid to the maintenance of the product in the use process to ensure the normal operation of the product and give full play to its efficiency.

(1) The machine room shall be kept clean and dry, and the surface of each moving track shall be wiped regularly without dust and debris;

(2) Regularly check the bearing for damage and lack of oil, if necessary, apply clean grease after cleaning.

3. Suggestions on the use of bucky stand

(1) It is suggested that the steel wire rope for hanging the heavy hammer should be replaced every two years;

(2) Adjust the contact clearance between moving parts and track bearing components once a year;

(3) The product should be repaired by professional personnel after failure.

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