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Sichuan customer inquiry bucky stand

A Sichuan customer consulted Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for the bucky stand, and consulted with a local hospital. He consulted in June and wanted to change a small accessory separately. Our company can only sell a complete set of bucky stands. This time, customers can buy a whole set Yes, it needs to be fixed. We recommend the side output film produced by our company. The open flat panel detector can be opened from the front and side, and the grid can also be placed. It is more practical and cost-effective. The price has been quoted to the customer. The customer told the hospital. Report to the leader and wait for the terminal to reply. Our company is the most complete manufacturer of chest X-ray racks. There are many styles, such as wall-mounted bucky stands, DR-specific bucky stands, trolley-type bucky stands, and side-out bucky stands. They are universal models. Flat panel detectors of regular size can be placed, and suitable ones can be matched according to customer needs. Packed in wooden boxes, in stock, fast delivery.
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