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How long does a bucky stand last?

The bucky stand is matched with the medical X-ray machine, and it is a film-taking auxiliary device that can move up and down, a kind of film-taking device that moves up and down. Used together with various X-ray machines, it can perform X-ray examinations of various parts of the human body such as the head, chest, abdomen, and pelvic cavity. It is easy to use and is a standing equipment in the radiology departments of various medical units.
The chest X-ray frame can be better matched with the X-ray machine for shooting, and it is more convenient to move, and the structure is compact and ergonomically designed. The shelf of the chest film rack can be adjusted in multiple directions, and the position can be adjusted better. The column can be adjusted and fixed up and down. The use value is very high, and it is suitable for IP boards, flat panels, cassettes, etc.
What kind of bucky stand to use depends on whether it can place the imaging equipment you need. The commonly used imaging equipment sizes are 14*17 and 17*17. The vertical chest film stands produced and sold by our company are divided into several types. Fixed vertical chest X-ray stand, mobile vertical chest X-ray stand, electric vertical chest X-ray stand, wall-mounted bucky stand , DR special vertical chest X-ray stand, can be used according to your imaging equipment and X-ray machine , choose a suitable bucky stand .
Thebucky stand is a regular medical device, and under normal operation and use, it generally has a long lifespan.
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