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Side mounted bucky stand

Do you know what a Side mounted bucky stand is? Do you know the benefits of Side mounted bucky stand? If you don’t know, read this article for a long time, maybe there will be an answer you want.

1. Medical Diagnostics The Side mounted bucky stand is a combination of a medical X-ray machine and a device that has been used in a medical institution to perform a film examination on the head, chest, abdomen, and pelvis of a human body to achieve the purpose of diagnosing a lesion. The generic name of this product is Vertical bucky stand.
2. The structure of the side mounted bucky stand is usually composed of a column, a trolley frame, a photo cassette (a car that can be pulled out in the box), and a balancing device.
3. Use of Side mounted bucky stand

Bucky stand category introduction

(1) Hold the handle of the car, pull out the car inside the photo cassette, and snap the selected cassette (or IP board) into the moving cassette, push down the moving clip to make the cassette (or IP board) Placed in the upper and lower clips and clamped;

(2) Push the car into the box and fasten it;

(3) Loosen the locking handle, press the camera part, adjust the height of the sliding frame to reach the appropriate height of the camera box. After adjusting, lock the handle and take a picture.

(4) After the film is taken, pull out the car and take the cassette (or IP board) out of the cassette; push the cart into the cassette.

Note: When the cassette (or IP board) is removed, the moving clip should be slowly lowered to prevent the rebound force from being too strong, causing damage to the clip and the slider.

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