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New bucky stand

Newheek is currently the only manufacturer in China that has a fully self-contained production line of X-ray image intensifiers. It is internationally comparable to Toshiba, Philips, Siemens and Thales. It mainly produces medical diagnostic X-ray machines, medical X-ray film holders, medical X-ray image intensifier TV systems, and X-ray machine remote control transformation services that undertake darkroom modification rooms.
    Is to use the combination of the medical X-ray machine and the device already in the medical institution, to the person
The head, chest, abdomen, pelvic and other parts of the body are examined by radiography to achieve the purpose of diagnosing the lesion. The generic name for this product is bucky stand, and its trade name is vertical bucky stand.
 erect bucky stands standing X ray machine

Technical Parameters
(1) The maximum stroke of the camera box is 1100mm;
(2) Maximum film size: 356mm × 432mm (14〞 × 17〞);
     1. Installation
Place the device on a flat, hard surface 180 cm from the tube to center the camera and the ball
After the tube centers are coincident and adjusted correctly, align the center of the four φ8.5 through holes at the bottom of the column of the device, and install four M8 expansion screws with electric hammer holes, and then tighten them.
2. Use
(1) Open the cassette door, insert the selected cassette into the clip, push down, place the cassette in the card, and then release the cassette, the cassette automatically snaps up;
(2) close the box door;
(3) Adjust the appropriate height of the cassette according to the camera position to select the camera condition.
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