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Simple – Wall-mounted bucky stand

Just recently, Newheek introduced a new bucky stand that doesn’t require a moving base or is standing on the ground, mainly hanging on walls and cabinets.

Like the ordinary bucky assembly, the main function of the Wall-mounted bucky stand is also used to check the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis, limbs and other parts of the human body.
Below is a photo of the Newheek Wall-mounted bucky stand:

Newheek bucky assembly

Bucky assembly structure: The device consists of a column, a carriage, a clip, and a balancing device.
Bucky assembly is suitable for different sizes of cassettes, CE, IP boards and with or without flat panel detector DR
Bucky assembly technical parameters:

  Height: 150cm

  Width: 45.5cm

  Thickness: 5cm

  Distance from the ground: 50cm

Up and down stroke: 105cm

  Inner diameter of the clip: 3.5cm

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