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Structure selection of bucky radiography

When a client consulted a mobile bucky radiography and the client’s flat panel was a wireless one, we recommended a mobile bucky radiography to him, but the customer felt that the price was too high to meet the budget and had to switch to a fixed bucky radiography.
The movable bucky radiography is more expensive than the fixed bucky radiography, but the movable bucky radiography contains a movable device which makes the movable bucky radiography more convenient to use and move than the fixed bucky radiography.
Fixed bucky radiography to avoid potential safety hazards to be fixed on the ground, not according to the movement of the X-ray machine and arbitrary change of position, and fixed bucky radiography needs to be installed.
The movable bucky radiography can change the position and direction according to the movement of the X-ray machine. It is free of installation, safe and convenient.
Whether it is mobile or fixed frame, you can choose manual or electric lifting box structure.
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