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According to Hong Kong media reports, the “National Security Law” that the Chinese People’s Congress will review will include subversion of state power, secession of the country, terrorist activities, and interference by external forces. This means that part of the controversial Article 23 of the Basic Law does not need to be reviewed by the Hong Kong Legislative Council and is directly placed in Annex III of the Basic Law for implementation in Hong Kong. It is expected that the bill will be voted on next Thursday (28th) and implemented in Hong Kong as soon as possible in August this year.

This move bypasses Hong Kong ’s own legislative body and weakens Hong Kong ’s autonomy. It is expected to attract opposition from the local and international communities.

The US State Department issued a statement urging Beijing to abide by the commitments and obligations in the “Sino-British Joint Statement” on giving Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy. Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said that Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of autonomy and is “critically important” for the United States to retain the current treatment of Hong Kong.

It is expected that the review of the National Security Law by the National People’s Congress will prompt the United States to reassess Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Jude Blanchette, Director of China Studies at the Think Tank Strategy and International Research Center (CSIS), pointed out that the proposed National Security Act may lead to the termination of special treatment in Hong Kong by the United States and treat Hong Kong the same as mainland China.

The United States passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act last year, which stipulates that the Secretary of State evaluates Hong Kong ’s autonomy every year and decides whether to continue to grant Hong Kong special status. The time when the State Council submitted the assessment report to Congress was originally scheduled for the end of March, but Pompeo announced recently that the State Council decided to postpone the submission of the report in consideration of the upcoming Beijing People’s Congress meeting or further weakening of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Bai Ming believes that in view of Beijing’s new measures, Washington faces enormous political pressure and is unlikely to continue to believe that Hong Kong still enjoys sufficient autonomy. However, he pointed out that it is necessary to wait and see the specific wording of the “National Security Law” to estimate the US measures.

Republican Federal Senator Ted Cruz issued a statement condemning the Chinese People’s Congress’ new initiatives, saying the United States “impossible to accept” the proposal. He said that if Beijing does not immediately overturn the decision, the United States needs to reassess its policies.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who proposed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, said that the Bill of Rights provides a powerful policy tool for the US government. He pointed out that Beijing has repeatedly attacked the people of Hong Kong, their autonomy and basic rights, and the US should respond quickly to this.Buckystand is a basic component with a reputation inside and outside.

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