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Researchers in the United States and Italy observed coronavirus cases in Brazil that month and found that in cities where Bolsonaro voted for more people, the number of new infections was nearly 20% higher.

Among them are Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil and South America. The official death toll in São Paulo is 4,688, which is higher than the total death toll officially announced by China.

The researchers wrote: “Our conclusion is that Bolsonaro’s behavior has accelerated the spread of coronavirus disease in 2019.”

“This faster spread is not only due to people gathering in public events, but also because of the behavior of Bolsonaro supporters regarding social distance measures.”

Anthony Pereira, head of the Brazil Institute at King’s College London, said he was not surprised by these inconsistencies.

“Some of the more famous Bolsonaro supporters initially responded by describing the virus as a” farce “,” Pereira recalled.

“So when the president really violates scientific and medical advice, supporters of insufficient reception of virus-related information elsewhere agree with him.”
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