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The advantages of the electric bucky stand during use

When many customers call us to consult our bucky stand, we will recommend our electric bucky stand to customers. This electric bucky stand is very convenient during use and has many advantages. Let’s take a look at it. About the characteristics of the electric chest frame.

1. This filming machine adopts ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, powerful and comprehensive mechanical motion functions, easy operation, smooth, reliable, and convenient maintenance.

2. The filming machine adopts intelligent system design, electric motion control, light field automatic centering, four-way floating flat bed with a larger range of movement, multi-angle and multi-directional projection, vertical chest radiography frame C-type/P-type armrest design , Lateral photography stand, two-way intercom system.

3. Stable performance and excellent quality high frequency and high voltage system design

4. High compatibility, more flexible configuration

5. The mechanical system is compatible with all sizes of cassettes, CR IP boards to DR flat panel detectors, and the compatibility of the software with a variety of flat panel detectors provides users with flexible options for future equipment maintenance and upgrades;

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