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The advantages of the standing X-ray machine

The standing X-ray machine is an important part of the X-ray machine. The X-ray machine consists of high frequency and high pressure generator, photographic bed, high thermal capacity anode ball tube, sunshade, vertical standing X-ray machine and other components.
The bucky stand has a balancing design that makes the operation smooth. For convenience, the standing X-ray machine has an operating handle on each side, making it easy to perform cervical and knee examinations.Bucky loading and unloading method can be set to left or right according to the layout of inspection room. Automatic exposure control (AEC) is used for both the inspection bed and standing X-ray machine.
standing X ray machine
The new standing X-ray machine is simple in structure. It can avoid radiation of normal tissues and organs in other parts when giving patients X-ray chest X-ray examination, which reduces the difficulty for medical staff. Standing X-ray machine is a camera auxiliary device that can move up and down. By cooperating with various X-ray machines, it conducts X-ray photography of various parts of human body such as skull, chest, abdomen and joints.
Newheek’s standing X-ray machine is divided into several types, including fixed type, mobile type and suspension type, which are respectively applicable to different situations.
Our standing X-ray machine can meet your different purchasing needs.

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