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The emergence of the electric x-ray standing

We recommend the fixed x-ray standing to the customer when he consults the x-ray standing. Because the bucky of the x-ray standing is manually adjusted, the selection of many customers is greatly hindered. Some customers reflect that manual adjustment is inconvenient. Because of our customers’ concerns, we
An electric x-ray standing has been developed.
This x-ray standing adds an electric device to realize accurate positioning by adjusting the up and down motion of the camera box through the remote control device; that is, the electric x-ray standing adds a movable base device, which can be flexibly moved to different positions according to the needs of medical institutions.
The structure and technical parameters of the electric x-ray standing.
1. Structure
The device is composed of a column assembly, a photo cassette assembly, an electric device and a mobile device.
2. Technical parameters
(1) The photo frame travel is not less than 1000mm;
(2) The largest size of the cartridge is 356mm * 432mm (14 * 17).
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