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Hanging x ray wall bucky : a quick introduction

Hanging x ray wall bucky looks compact and easy to install. Recently, we have received a lot of inquiries about the hanging X-ray wall bucky. Many customers are interested in our chest film rack.The mounted X-ray wall bucky has compact structure, small footprint and easy installation. Single stanchion, internal balance, manual motion, mechanical lock. The film box is open at 180 degrees.
Hanging X-ray wall bucky consists of frame, sliding bar, film clip, ruler, and upper and lower supporting plate, which is firm and stable.The upper bracket shall bear a weight less than or equal to 100kg. It is suitable for large, medium and small hospital. Move the film clip up and down according to the height of the human body and the position of the film. x ray wall bucky has beautiful appearance, and can move up and down. X ray wall bucky can carry out X-ray photography over the abdomen, accurate positioning and convenient loading and unloading.
Newheek x ray wall bucky box is 14 by 17 inches,17 by 17 inches.The mounting method is divided into formal mounting and side mounting. X ray wall bucky can configure itself according to customers’ needs.
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