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The role of chest stand

What are the functions of chest stand? Do you know?
Chest X-ray frame is a supporting device for medical X-ray machines that can move up and down. It can be used with various X-ray machines to take X-ray films of various parts of the human body such as the chest, head, abdomen, and pelvis. examine.
The following is an introduction to the side-out chest film racks produced by Sinovel Imaging:
The function of the side-out chest film stand: the side-out chest film stand is composed of a column, a trolley frame, a film box (a film trolley that can be pulled out from the box), a balance device, etc., and can be adapted to ordinary X-rays of different sizes Film cassettes, CR IP boards and DR flat panel detectors.
Main technical parameters of side-out chest film stand
(1) The maximum stroke of the photo box is 1100mm;
(2) The width of the card slot is suitable for the cassette of X-ray film whose thickness is less than 19mm, the IP board of CR and the flat panel detector of DR
(3) The upper edge of the film box is 18000mm from the ground at the highest position, and the lowest position is 700mm;
The center position of the film box (17″×17″) is 1570mm from the highest position on the ground, and the lowest position is 470mm
(4) Cassette size: 5〞×7〞-17〞×17〞;
(5) Grid (optional):
The film box of the side output chest film stand is the right side film output mode, and the mobile base can be selected to become a mobile film stand (NK17SY type)
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