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The structural characteristics of our Newheek bucky stand

Bucky stand is mainly used for X-ray photography of various parts of the human body, including head, chest, abdomen and joints, by cooperating with various X-ray machines. Bucky stand is an auxiliary device that can move up and down.
Bucky stand includes chest film mounting bracket and fixed belt. Two pairs of fixed rings are fixed on both sides of chest film mounting bracket. Each fixed ring is fixed with a fixed belt.
Newheek bucky stand has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, low manufacturing cost, accurate positioning without the care of nursing staff, shortened the distance between the human body and the black box, easy to distort the image, and high diagnostic accuracy.
Column height: 2200mm
Bucky upper and lower travel: 1400mm + / – 10mm(electric)
Bucky lowest: 450 mm + / – 10mm
Newheek bucky stand has high intelligent positioning efficiency, convenient shooting of chest film and easy positioning control.At present, the positioning efficiency of bucky stand is low, the shooting of chest film is inconvenient, and the positioning is difficult to control accurately.

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