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The trolley-style bucky stand is more popular

A customer found our company’s website to inquire about the trolley-style bucky stand, and showed great interest in this, and then contacted our company to inquire about our company’s trolley-style bucky stand. The trolley-style bucky stand, whether it is a cassette or a flat panel detector, can be put down in normal size, and the box size of the trolley-style bucky stand is adjustable. This bucky stand is very popular. .
Through communicating with customers to understand the actual needs of customers, we recommended the trolley-style bucky stand to customers. The device is composed of a column, a sliding frame, a film holder, a bi-folding arm and a mobile base. It can be adapted to the cassettes of ordinary X-ray film of different sizes, the IP board of the CR, and the flat-panel detector DR. The overall weight of the camera frame is relatively light, and it can be used for field rescues and rural physical examinations, which is highly appreciated by customers.

trolley-style bucky stand

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