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Upright bucky travel up and down

Set upright bucky is used in the human body, recently many clients are interested in our chest radiograph frame.
We also recently launched a new bucky stand, which consists of a column, a slide, a clip, an arm and a moving base.It is suitable for different size black box, CR IP board and DR detector with (without) line.
Upright bucky travel up and down
The new upright bucky can lift up and down its characteristics are as follows:
1, upright bucky total height 1800 mm.
2. The height of the handle from the ground is 960mm.
3. Base size: 480mm*480mm.
4, maximum film size: unlimited (clip spacing adjustable).
5. The supporting arm can bear 12kg, swing 180 degrees left and right, and swing -50/+30 degrees up and down.
Our upright bucky kinds models is diversiform, can satisfy your different needs.

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