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Bucky heard principles

Bucky heard is one of the most important devices for body photography. An x – ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave or radiation with energy.
X-rays are possible when fast-moving electrons strike any kind of material. Therefore, bucky stand can satisfy the requirement of human body standing for chest radiography.
Bucky heard principles
X-rays have the ability to pass through different densities of matter.In medicine, x-rays are used to project an image of the body, to aid in diagnosis or to illuminate lesions for treatment.
Newheek bucky heard has the advantages of simple structure, convenient boxed film taking, small imaging distortion, low cost, continuous film taking, convenient for patients and improved work efficiency.
Our bucky heard can also be configured with a mobile base according to the needs of customers, so as to make the movement more flexible and easy to install, and meet the purchase needs of different customers.

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