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Vertical Bucky Introduction

Vertical Bucky Introduction

Vertical Bucky Application
The Vertical Bucky is a new multi-function photographic device. Conclusion: The combined radiation unit can take radiography of head, chest, abdomen, joints, limbs and other parts of the human body.

Vertical Bucky Technical Parameters:
(1) box lifting and landing: the center of the box is moving up and down 1200mm
(2) filter grid specification: grid ratio: 10:1 density: 103 lines / inch, focal length: 180cm
(3) film size: 203mm x 254MM (8 x 10) to 356mmx432mm (14 “x 17”)

Vertical Bucky Characteristic:
(1) compact structure, small footprint, convenient installation.
(2) single pillar, internal balance
(3) One-handed movement mode, the column aluminum alloy whole stretching, mechanical automatic locking, easy and flexible operation
(4) side insert mode, convenient for user operation, and imported high-density filter grid.
(5) the panel is beautiful and generous, the lines are round and clear, the shape is beautiful, it is both practical and generous.

Vertical Bucky

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