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Why chooses Newheek chest stands

Why chooses Newheek chest stands

There are many medical equipment manufacturers, so there is a lot of room to choose. Besides the requirements of some quality performance, other aspects should also be understood.

The device is composed of columns, pulley blocks, bucky tray (with pull-out bucky in the box) and balance device, and equipped with filter grid.

It is suitable for chest film, lumbar vertebra and other parts photography, and can obtain satisfactory and clear photographic effect.

The Vertical Bucky Stand produced by Weifang Newheek Medical Equipment Co., Ltd can be used with X-ray machine for X-ray photography of various parts of human body such as skull, chest, abdomen and joints.

This X-ray accessory equipment is compact in shape, with good clarity and contrast.

In newheek, customers will get the best quality purchase experience.

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