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Vertical bucky stand for wire grids

The fixed filter grid bucky stand holder is used in various medical diagnostic machines to perform filter photography on the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body. The device can be positioned arbitrarily within the vertical range of up and down movement, and is easy to operate, flexible and reliable in photographing, and has a wide range of use. The device is composed of a wire grid, a cassette drawer, a column, a pulley frame and other components.
Some require the placement of a grid to filter out scattered rays and make the image clear.
Our company specializes in all kinds of grids, which can accommodate 5*5-17*17 flat panel detectors and 18*18 grids, which can be opened from the front or side. Place the grid on the left side of the film box, The grid can be fixed on the side to prevent it from falling.
There are mobile bucky stand and fixed chest film racks, which can be moved at any time to meet different needs. If necessary, please call, telephone (whatsapp) +8617616362243!

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