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Zambia customer inquiries about chest X-ray rack

The Zambian customer consulted Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for the chest xray rack, asked whether the customer needed to put a filter grid, and informed the customer that the chest film rack produced by our company has various styles, including fixed and mobile. It is the production of chest film racks. Manufacturers with the most complete styles, there are wall-mounted, DR-specific, side-out, cart, etc., which can be matched more suitable according to the specific needs of customers. Our chest racks are general-purpose and conventional. The flat-panel detector can be placed. Ask the customer what size and brand the flat-panel detector is. Generally, it is recommended to measure the chest X-ray frame. Ask when you plan to buy it in the near future, and send the relevant information of the chest X-ray frame to the customer. and pictures etc. The chest X-ray frame of the side-out type can be placed on the side of the flat panel detector or the flat panel detector from the front. The cart type can be used for foot photography. The wall-mounted type is cost-effective and light. The DR-specific type cannot be placed. Filter grid, etc.
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