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Vertical wall bucky stand: introduction

Characteristics of vertical wall bucky stand:
Compact structure, small floor space, easy installation.
Single stanchion, internal balance.
Manual movement, mechanical lock.
Bucky can open up to 180 degrees for open type.
A probe panel window is set to facilitate access to the AEC system.
High quality imported stationary screen grid.

Technical parameters of vertical wall bucky stand :
Bucky size (mm) : 480X550
Wall bucky stand bucky center lifting range (mm) : 300-1600
Filter ratio: 10:1
Grid density: 103 lines/inch
Filter grid focal length: 180cm
Maximum photograph size (in.) : 14″X17″
Newheek wall bucky stand is divided into vertical, mobile and suspension. It is mainly made up of upright post, sliding frame, box bucky and balance device. The filter grid can be optional or the movable base can be optional.
Newheek wall bucky stand is about two meters high. Applicable to the needs of different customers.
Wall bucky stand

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