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X-ray stand is used for X-ray radiology machines

The perfect combination of X-ray stand and radiologyx-ray machine is extremely widely used. The design of its photographic system can meet the requirements of photographic examination in medical institutions to the maximum extent. The X-ray machine is composed of high frequency and high pressure generator, photographic bed, high heat capacity anode ball tube and sunshade, vertical X-ray stand and other components.
The 100KHZ high frequency and high pressure generator controlled by microprocessor has high stability and easy operation to ensure stable X – ray output. The whole machine is compact and occupies very little space.
The X-ray stand adopts balance design to make the operation smooth. For convenience, there is an operating handle on both sides of the X-ray stand, which is easy for cervical spine and knee examination. Cartridge loading and unloading can be set to left or right according to the layout of inspection room.Automatic exposure control (AEC) is used for both checking beds and X-ray stand.
The Newheek X-ray stand is divided into vertical, mobile and suspension. You can also move the base as needed. Newheek X-ray stand is easy to install and flexible to use. Can meet the needs of different customers.
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