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What can the X-ray Bucky Stand match?

The X-ray Bucky Stand is also called the X-ray Chest Stand. Our Bucky Stand can be matched to Cassette and DR (digital radiography).

Then you may ask, can you match CR (Computer radiograhpy)? The answer is yes.
Our X-ray Bucky Stand can be used with Cassette, DR, CR IP (image plate) boards. However, CR has gradually withdrawn from the market and has been replaced by DR.
It is okay if you are buying our X-Ray Bucky Stand to match your CR. But if you want to buy a set of us, you can consult DR, we will give you a satisfactory price.
And we will help you debug before delivery, so that you can use it in time after receiving the goods.
If you are interested in our X-Ray Bucky Stand, please contact us.

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