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What is the function of the Potter bucky stand?

The scattered X-rays do not move parallel to the light that passes directly through the patient. Scattering depends on several factors, including X-ray beam size, X-ray beam voltage, tissue thickness, and tissue composition. By blocking scattered X-rays, the Bucky-Potter mesh can increase contrast, but it also increases the amount of radiation absorbed by the patient. However, it does not reduce the radiation exposure of X-ray laboratory personnel.

Features of the X ray stand
One disadvantage of fixed radiographic grids is that they create gridlines on the image. Hollis Potter (1880-1964) proved in 1920 that grid lines can be eliminated by moving the grid vertically to the grid lines during exposure. If the range and speed of the motion is sufficient, the grid lines will be blurred. The motion can be oscillating, vibrating or reciprocating and must be continuous and smooth. This operation must also begin before exposure and continue after exposure.

Stand bucky type
The Bucky-Potter mesh facilitates the transition from small glass panels to films of all sizes.

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