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Mobile stand for U-arm

The Mobile bucky stand can be combined with an X-ray machine to form a more complete system, such as a mobile X-ray machine, to achieve patient standing film inspection. The Mobile bucky stand can also be used with the U-arm to enable the patient to lie on the radiology table to check the body, or to stand in front of the chest holder for film inspection.
Stand bucky type
As we know, U-arm X-ray machine consists of U-arm, generator, collimator, high voltage cable, radiology table and x ray tube. The Mobile stand for U-arm makes the U-arm x ray machine a more complete system. It is more convenient and efficient to use when the doctor examines the body.

Movable bucky chest stand is a floor-to-wall mounted vertical receptor, which offers solutions for all the diagnostic imaging needs of hospitals, clinics and private practices. electric movable bucky chest stand offers max stability and effort-less movement. Electric movable bucky chest Stand is suited for thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvic exposure. The extended vertical travel track allows for skull examination of tall patients as well as lower extremity exposure. The vertical movement is controlled by the electric switch.

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