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X-ray chest stand: a brief introduction

The X-ray chest stand is used for placing x-rays to take pictures. X-ray is a type of radiation, an electromagnetic wave or radiation of energy. X-rays are possible when fast-moving electrons impinge on any form of matter. X-rays are penetrating and have different penetrability to different densities of matter. Medical x-rays were used to project the body to form images, and X-ray chest stand was used to assist diagnosis or radiate lesions for treatment.
x ray chest stand
The structure of Newheek X-ray chest stand is simple, bucky is easy to install, the imaging distortion is small, the cost is low, the continuous radiography is convenient for patients, and the working efficiency is improved.
In medical conditions, the X-ray chest stand consists of the upright post, slide carriage, bucky filter grid and balancing device.The filter grid can be used as an optional device. The X-ray chest stand can also be configured to move the base according to the customer’s needs, making movement more flexible and easy to install to meet the purchase requirements of different customers.
X ray chest stand

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