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Bucky stand inquiry

Bucky stand is an important part for the photography of human chest and other parts.Newheek is the manufacturer of Bucky stand and X-ray machine. Recently, many customers are interested in our Bucky stand. A client from France is very interested in our Bucky stand and asks us about it.
His requirements are vertical, 17 by 17 inches, which can be configured for use with his X-ray machine.According to his requirements, we recommended the model NK17SG for him.
Bucky stand inquiry
Newheek Bucky stand can be divided into various types, including fixed type, mobile type and suspension type. According to bucky’s lifting mode, it can be divided into manual lifting and electric lifting.Bucky is divided into 14 by 17 inches and 17 by 17 inches.
Newheek Bucky stand can be configured according to its own needs. Our Bucky stand can meet your different purchasing needs.

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