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Chest bucky X-ray setup

Chest bucky X-ray is mainly composed of five parts: upright column, slide frame, slide box, balancing device and moving base, with wire grid as an optional accessory.
Bucky stand, the flat bed detector shall be a 14 17 inch wireless flat bed detector with a thickness of 15cm and shall be equipped with a photographic flat bed.
Chest bucky X ray setup
Newheek mobile chest film frame is divided into fixed type, mobile type and suspended type.For the convenience of customers, we can provide movable base.The chest bucky X-ray is turned into a movable device.
The Newheek chest bucky X-ray can be configured in any combination according to the customer’s needs. Easy installation.It can be adapted to DR plate detector, CR IP plate and black box of different sizes. And can be arbitrarily configured and photographic flat bed.
Our chest bucky X-ray can meet the needs of different clients.

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