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Can bucky stand install grid

The main function of the wire grid is to absorb messy rays to make the captured image clearer. It needs to be installed on a bucky stand. Many hospitals now use digital imaging systems. Compared with analog imaging systems, the image quality has been improved a lot. Therefore, hospitals will choose not to use grids. This leads to the emergence of bucky stand for DR flat panel detectors. It is not designed to install filters. Part of the gate. Therefore, if you want to install the grid later, you must make clear with the supplier in advance when selecting the bucky stand.
We provide a side-ejection bucky stand with a cassette cover that can be opened like a door, and the grid can be installed on the back of the cover. This bucky stand can be used alone for DR flat panel detectors, or it can be installed with wire grids.
If you are interested in this side output bucky stand, please call for consultation.

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