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Components of a chest stand

The components of the medical chest stand: column slide frame, film box, balance device, grid (only applicable to front-loaded film box and side-loaded film box).
Our company’s chest stands mainly include wall-mounted, full-mounted, DR stand, side-mounted, and trolley-mounted.
Next, briefly introduce the wall-mounted chest stand:
It is suitable for taking pictures of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body. This device consists of slide rails, film clips, and a mobile base, and can be used with ordinary X-ray film cassettes of various sizes, CR IP boards, and wired/wireless flat panel detectors.
The main technical parameters
①The total height is 1500mm (1800mm can be customized);
②Width 455mm;
③The minimum stroke of the film box is 1000mm (the size of the tablet/cassette is 1717);
④Recommended installation height: the distance between the bottom of the bucky stand and the ground is ≥500mm
⑤Slot width <30mm (compatible with most DR flat panel detectors, CR
IP board, ordinary cassette);
⑥Maximum film size: unlimited (the distance between film clips is adjustable);
⑦Installation method: hanging on the wall (500mm from the ground is recommended);
⑧Applicable size of clip: 5〞×7〞—17〞×17〞or larger.
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