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Introduction of the Newheek cart-type bucky stand

Today, a customer consulted our vertical bucky stand. Asked about the specific requirements of the customer, the customer only said that they need to configure the DR detector, and I sent the product catalog to the customer. Customers have been more interested in our cart-type bucky stand after watching it. This cart-type bucky stand is customized for us to open the mold for foreign customers. It is relatively light. Let’s take a look at the parameter characteristics of this cart-type bucky stand:
Model: NK17FY (bucky stand, radiography stand, mobile chest stand, small cart chest stand, vertical mobile chest stand)
Uses: suitable for the human head, chest, abdomen, Photographic inspection of the pelvis and other parts
Function: The device is composed of a column, a slide frame, a film clip, a two-fold arm and a mobile base. It can be adapted to different sizes of ordinary X-ray film cassettes, CR IP boards and Flat panel detector DR is used.
Features: Aluminum alloy material, lighter overall weight, suitable for field rescue and medical examination in the countryside.
Main technical parameters
The total height of the cart-type bucky stand is 1800mm;
The height of the handle from the ground is 960mm;
The size of the base is 480mm*480mm;
The maximum film size: unlimited (the interval between the clips is adjustable);
The arm can be Withstands 5kg, it can swing 180 degrees to the left and right, and can swing -50/+30 degrees up and down.
The lowest position for foot photography.

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