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Manual lifting and fixed installation bucky stand

Tell us about the fixed and manual bucky stand today. Let’s talk about the bucky stand as a whole. Firstly, the fixed grid chest rack is used on various medical diagnostic machines to perform filter photographing on the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic and other parts of the human body. The device is arbitrarily positioned in the vertical up and down movement range, and is easy to operate, flexible and reliable in film shooting, and has a wide range of uses. The device is composed of a filter grid, a cassette drawer, a column, a trolley frame and the like.

Bucky stand inquiry Structural features of bucky stand

Bucky stand Main technical parameters:

The moving distance of the center of the cassette is 1100mm;

Mounting film cassette size 203mm × 254mm (8′′×10′′) to 432mm×432mm (17′′×17′′);

Grid (optional): grid density: 40 lines / cm;

                      Gate ratio: 10:1;

                      Convergence distance: 180cm.

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