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Mobile Bucky Stand installation.

Bucky heard principles

Newheek’s mobile Bucky Stands can be configured as either a manual Bucky Tray lift or an electric bucky tray lift depending on customer requirements.

Many domestic customers who purchase our chest shelves hope that our engineers can go to the site to install them. In fact, this customer can do it themselves.

When installing the mobile Bucky Stand, place it on a flat hard surface 180 cm away from the X-ray tube, so that the vertical center of the Bucky Tray coincides with the center of the X-ray tube. After the adjustment is correct, the foot brake can be used.

At the same time, we will deliver the goods in a complete set when the goods are delivered. After the customer receives the goods, it is only necessary to fix the Bucky Stand to the moving base with the expansion screws.

Bucky radiology operation

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