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upright titlting x-ray stand

For a long time, staff will manipulate patients as much as possible. They support them when they stand (which is not ideal because it exposes unnecessary radiation from the staff), or they slide behind and take pictures from behind. Most of the time, they have to try several times before they get it right. This is time-consuming and uncomfortable for patients.
Now, there are some new things. It’s an upright X-ray platform that moves the patient from a flat position to a vertical position without moving the muscles.

Features of the X ray stand Bucky vertical type
The table is made of material through which the rays can pass, which means that the X-rays can be seen through it. In addition to bringing the patient from the back to the standing position, it is also easy to bring the patient to the sitting position.
X-ray technicians have previously described a case of pelvic fracture. He had undergone surgery and could not bear the weight of one leg. Without a standing table, it would be difficult to get him into an upright position. “Before that, we’ll let him sit in bed and you’ll get what you can get,” he said earlier. “Now you can sit in a chair and keep their spines straight without bending their waists.”

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