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Our electric bucky stand in Newheek

The electric bucky stand is an accessory equipment of the X-ray machine. It uses the combined effect of the existing medical X-ray machine in medical institutions and this device to perform radiographic inspections on the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body to diagnose the lesion purpose.
People generally call the bucky stand a chest film stand. This film stand adds an electric device, which realizes that the film box can be adjusted up and down through the remote control device to achieve precise positioning; on the basis of the electric bucky stand, a movable base is added. The device can be flexibly moved to different positions according to different film requirements.
The electric bucky stand is mainly composed of a column assembly, a film box assembly, an electric device and a mobile device. It can be used with ordinary X-ray film cassettes of different sizes, CR IP boards and flat panel detectors. The electric bucky stand can also be used with an optional wire grid, which can make the picture quality clearer.
Operation method:
After laying the column flat, align the four screw holes of the base with the four through holes of φ8.5 at the bottom of the column, and then tighten it with four M8 screws. At the same time, the column and the label on the bottom of the base can be shown. The arrow is facing right.

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