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Problems with the use of car bucky stand

The vehicle-mounted bucky stand is based on the original base with a base on the bottom. There are four wheels on the base, which can be pushed back and forth. With such a base, it is very convenient to move the bucky stand.If it is a fixed bucky stand, It can only be limited to one place, and the inspection is carried out in a specific place, but as more and more inspections are made, there are also some people who are unwell and have inconvenient behaviors. These people cannot do it. How to solve this problem, so we came up with a bold conjecture. Pressing the four wheels under the bucky stand and pushing it away would be a lot more convenient, so we developed this vehicle-mounted mobile bucky stand.
Problems with the use of car bucky stand
In the past, the bucky stand was mounted on the rear of the base. Considering that people would slip when standing, it is not safe. If the wheels are off, people will easily fall to the ground. In view of this consideration, the bucky stand is placed in front and does not need to be stepped on, which is relatively safe.
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