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The shooting feet can choose to bucky wall stand?

Recently, a Spanish customer inquired about our bucky wall stand, and asked what type of X-ray machine the customer needs for the vbucky wall stand? What is the size and thickness of the board? Need to be mobile or fixed How many sets are needed? We have many types, you can send me specific requirements, and I will calculate the cost. Send our company’s parameter data to customers.
After comparing our bucky wall stand, the customer is more interested in the NKDRSY x ray bucky stand. Let us take a video. We need to make 3 photos from the hip to the toe. After the customer saw the NKDRSY x ray bucky stand lifting video, I asked if Can NKDRSY get down to the floor? I told you that the NKDRSY x ray bucky stand is mainly used to take chest radiographs. The bottom edge of thex ray bucky stand is 50cm from the ground, and the base height is 10cm, so you can’t take a foot. Unless you use a cart or wall-mounted. It is recommended to take a foot. The best choice is the cart-type vertical x ray bucky stand.The customer felt that the price of the cart was higher than their budget and did not want the cart-type. Finally, the customer ordered 3 bucky wall stand.
In addition, our company specializes in the production of various vertical, bucky wall stand racks, and various types of X-ray machine accessories. Welcome to call and negotiate!

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