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X ray bucky stand U.S. conspiracy to go bankrupt

Merkel issued an important statement, the US conspiracy went bankrupt, Trump was anxiously corrupted: never allowed

Although the number of diagnoses in the United States is still growing at a tens of thousands per day, Trump is still determined to invite G7 leaders to the United States to hold offline meetings. Trump’s crazy actions make countries dilemma, agreeing to Trump’s request may mean that he may be infected, and rejecting Trump’s request may offend Trump!
At present, leaders of countries such as Britain and France are still under consideration. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed his willingness to go to the United States and is willing to hold separate talks with Trump. But it is not enough for Abe to come alone. Trump hopes that leaders of countries such as Britain, France and Germany will come, because their arrival will release a positive signal to the world. However, Trump was disappointed. The German Chancellor announced that, considering the overall epidemic situation, Merkel could not agree to go to Washington to participate. However, Merkel also said that if the epidemic in the United States eases, he will consider going to the United States to attend the summit!


X ray bucky stand is an accessory device of X-ray machine. It uses the combined effect of the existing medical X-ray machine and this device in the medical institution to carry out film examination on the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body. To achieve the purpose of diagnosing the lesion.

A mobile device has been added to this x ray  bucky stand. According to the needs of medical institutions, this device can be flexibly moved to different positions as needed.


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