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Thickness of the bucky booth

The structure of the Bucky stand should be known to all. It consists mainly of the three parts: the trolley frame, the bucky booth and the bracket. Newheek bucky stand’s bucky booth is available for wireless DR, Cassette and IP boards.

The size of most bucky booths is 14’x17′ and 17’x17′, which fits the dimensions of wireless DR, Cassette and IP boards, so there is one condition that cannot be ignored. That’s the thickness of the wireless DR, Cassette and IP board. The bucky booth of the Newheek bucky stand is not able to place wireless DR. If you need to place a wireless DR, you can only configure our Newheek DR bucky stand. This is the most suitable size and thickness.

100ma X ray chest stand
X-ray Bucky stand special-purpose for DR

Quick Details
Properties: Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name: Newheek
Model Number: NKDRDY
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Product name: vertical bucky stand
Film fixing method: frontal
Film box move distance: 1000mm
Cassette container max size: 17′′*17′′
Cassette container min size: 8′′*10′′
Color: White
Focus: 1800mm
Customization: available
Certificate: ISO9001 ISO13485

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