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Types of Newheek chest stand x ray

Bucky stand combination mode

Chest stand x ray is usually a movable camera assistant device matched with medical X-ray machine, which can be used with various X-ray machines. X-ray photography of the chest, head, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body can be performed.

Newheek’s chest stand x ray has many types and can also be manufactured in combination. Before customers can get down to the single chest stand x ray, we need to know the specific needs of customers, such as: the device used by customers to receive images is cassette, CR IP board or DR. Usually, our bucky tray height is about 1.5 cm, which can fix the cassette and CRIP board. But for DR, it may be higher. Usually, we will adjust the Bucky Tray’s accommodation height according to customers’ needs.

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