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Vertical bucky stand

The vertical bucky stand is mainly used for X-ray photography of various parts of the human body such as the head, chest, abdomen, and joints by cooperating with various X-ray machines. The vertical bucky stand is a photographic auxiliary device that can move up and down. In terms of application, the vertical bucky stand X-ray frame is mainly compatible with X-ray machines. Because the vertical bucky stand X-ray frame is easy to operate, it has become a necessary conventional medical equipment for the radiology departments (rooms) of hospitals and medical institutions at all levels.
Vertical bucky stand advantages are:
1. The appearance design is simple and generous;
2. Convenient installation and simple operation;
3. Small size and light weight, saving transportation costs for users;
4. The column is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with T-slots on both sides;
5. The base adopts streamline design and adopts high-strength anti-winding mute medical wheel;
6. Ergonomic handles are used on the back, which can be moved easily;
7. Hidden power cord design.

What is the principle of a bucky stand x ray machine for taking pictures

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